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Mon Dec 29 04:51:05 CST 2014

Erkki I. Kolehmainen wrote as follows:
> The question of support for localizable sentences has been
raised by you on several occasions. For a number of valid reasons, It has never
received any noticeable support, let alone the kind of support that you are
asking for now.
Well, it is true that there has been little interest, though one man kindly translated the early sentences into Swedish, which has been of great help, and he also suggested an additional sentence, which is now part of the system.
The lack of interest has always puzzled me, I had thought that with so many people on this mailing list who are interested in languages and communication, including many people who have a native language other than English, that there would be great interest in trying to produce a useful system.
Now that there is the precedent of the encoding of the unicorn, perhaps things will be different as there is now the prospect of being able to develop and standardize a non-proprietary system that can be put into place for people to use without needing to first achieve either a widespread non-standardized implementation or a change in the rules just for this system..
Regarding your claim about valid reasons.
Could you possibly say what you consider to be the valid reasons please?
William Overington
29 December 2014
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