Bidi reordering of soft hyphen

Jonathan Rosenne jonathan.rosenne at
Wed Apr 2 01:15:55 CDT 2014

Some papers are indeed doing this sporadically. It looks like it is up to
the individual writer. The samples I see are barely readable, incorrect and
unprofessional any way you look at them, and seem to derive from the use of
inappropriate software.

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Jonathan Rosenne

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On 04/02/2014 02:12 AM, Jonathan Rosenne wrote:
> The use of soft hyphen is a cultural matter. In Hebrew, Classic and 
> Israeli, soft hyphens are not used.

I don't understand this statement. Classic, yes, but in Israeli Hebrew soft
hyphens typically _are_ used in texts printed in relatively narrow justified
columns -- common examples are newspapers and encyclopædias.

(Or are we using terms differently? In any case, with respect to the
original question about where to position a soft hyphen in a line break in
the middle of a word in an opposite-direction run in bidirectional text, I
believe that it doesn't make a difference whether we are referring to U+00AD
SOFT HYPHEN, a hyphen automatically inserted by typesetting software, or a
hyphen inserted manually).

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