What is the codepoint / sequence of codepoints to generate this symbol?

Patrick CHEW via Indic indic at unicode.org
Mon Jan 13 00:15:05 CST 2020

A cursory web search seems to show three renderings:

(1) completely missing/omitting the complex glyph and replacing with a simpler anusvara:

सर्वे वेदा यत्पदमामनन्ति तपांसि

(2) rendering as -rtha- :


सर्वे वेदा यत्पदमामनन्ति तपार्थसि

(3) as the candrabindu-virama codepoint (U+A8F3), despite visual  variance with the scanned image provided:


सर्वे वेदा यत्पदमामनन्ति तपाꣳसि (ँ् > ꣳ)

Which is “correct”?
I don’t know, but... I’d likely try and look at other handwritten manuscripts that wouldn’t be digitally constrained...
A question for you might be, “what makes the provided image’s typesetting more “valid” than the others?”


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> On Jan 12, 2020, at 21:10, आलोक कुमार (नौ दो ग्यारह) via Indic <indic at unicode.org> wrote:
> Can anyone help me with the unicode representation of the symbol after the पा in the fourth word in the attached file?
> If you have trouble viewing it, I posted it online at https://twitter.com/alok/status/1216563416501903360/photo/1 as well.
> https://sanskritdocuments.org/doc_upanishhat/katha.html?lang=sa encodes the fourth word as तपाꣳसि
> Which means that the symbol is equated to U+A8F3. That may well be correct, or it may not be, as the visual representation is different. 
> Much appreciated, thanks.
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