how to set default English numerals with Indic text in Coreldraw

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Tue Jan 7 16:43:59 CST 2020

My guess was wrong, then. Since it appears the aren’t many Corel users on this list, you may need to ask on a Corel list or forum

Spelling errors are my phone’s fault

> On Jan 7, 2020, at 2:50 AM, हरिराम via Indic <indic at> wrote:
> - I use Windows 10 64bit
> - & OS Inbuit Inscript Keyboard layout with Indic Languages.
> - In MS Office, Gmail, Databases, etc. all applications, Hindi and other Indic text is appearing with ASCII Numerals only.
> - But in Coreldraw, 
> Indic Unicode text is appearing as raw encoded text without rendering any conjuncts and matraa etc.
> - text update button has to be used to display text with correct rendering, and after update the Numerals are automatically changed to Indic Language's Numeral
> - This is the process,  what coreldraw uses for displaying in rendering Asian Scrips.
> - It is required to use only ASCII (English) Numerals with Indic text in India, as Govt. of India prefers to use only ASCII (English) Numerals with all Indic scripts.
> - This problem is also appears in placed or imported or copy-pasted text from other applications.
> - But coreldraw changes all Numerals to concerned Language Numerals. 
> - Global Find and Replace also does not work in Coreldraw. The "Find and Replace all" feature is limited to one object/frame only. 
> So with Indic global find and replace the Numerals can not be converted manually in ASCII Numerals. Everytime 
> Hot to set ASCII Numerals as default with Indic Scripts Coreldraw?
> Regards.
> Hariram
> प्रगत भारत <>
>> On Sun, Jan 5, 2020 at 10:37 PM maxwell <maxwell at> wrote:
>> I doubt that CorelDraw is handling this; more likely your operating 
>> system is providing a keyboard handler for Hindi.  And it is almost 
>> certainly outputting Unicode characters.
>> In order for people to help, you need to say what operating system 
>> you're using (Windows 7, Windows 10, some version of Linux, some version 
>> of iOS), and what keyboard you have set up in the OS.  To find the 
>> keyboard in Windows, you would do something like opening the control 
>> panel (older versions of Windows) or the Settings panel (newer versions 
>> of Windows), and go to the keyboard setting.  While you're there, you 
>> might see if the keyboard program has a setting for outputting ASCII 
>> numerals rather than Devanagari ones, which would solve your problem.  
>> If not--or if you're using some other OS--then you could come back here 
>> with that additional information.
>>     Mike Maxwell
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