Fwd: how to set default English numerals with Indic text in Coreldraw

John Hudson via Indic indic at unicode.org
Tue Jan 7 09:52:47 CST 2020

On 07012020 4:01 am, हरिराम via Indic wrote:
> In coreldraw all the numerals are auto-converted to Devanagari 
> numerals? Where as as per Govt. of India uses, All numerals with all 
> Indic scripts should be ASCII numerals.
> We require: How to set Default Numerals as ASCII only, with all the 
> Indic texts. There is not any question of IME

There is a similar feature in Adobe InDesign to use 'native numerals' — 
and also localised punctuation style — based on script and language 
selection, but this can be turned off in Preferences. Check to see 
whether there is a way to disable this in Coreldraw's preference 
settings. If not, I think you will need to contact Corel regarding this, 
and request that they make this auto-conversion optional.



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