Devanagari and Subscript and Superscript

maxwell maxwell at
Wed Dec 9 09:42:13 CST 2015

On 2015-12-08 22:24, Plug Gulp wrote:
> I am trying to understand if there is a way to use Devanagari
> characters (and grapheme clusters) as subscript and/or superscript in
> unicode text. It will help if someone could please direct me to any
> document that explains how to achieve that. Is there a unicode marker
> that will treat the next grapheme cluster in the unicode text as
> super/subscript? For e.g. if one wants to represent "ब raise to 
> क्ष"
> how does one achieve that; is there a marker to represent it as
> follows: ब + SUP + क + ् + ष
> where SUP acts as a marker for superscripting the next grapheme
> cluster. Similar for subscripting.

I may be wrong (it's been known to happen), but I don't think there's 
anything in Unicode that will sub-/super-script an arbitrary character.  
There are some pre-sub-/super-scripted Latin characters (see, but 
that won't help you.

So the next thing is, what are you using for displaying text?  HTML, 
Word, LibreOffice, (Xe)LaTeX,...?  Because it will probably have to be 
done in that tool.

    Mike Maxwell

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