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Prasanta Hembram prasantahembram720 at
Tue Aug 31 18:55:37 CDT 2021

Myself Prasanta, I'm a Santali language native speaker and recently
discovered that Santali Strings are not translated to even 50% in the
latest CLDR chart. And I want to translate those untranslated strings into
the Santali language.

Is there any way to contribute other than the Survey Tool? I think not if
possible, to a larger extent we can contribute by applying for a Ticket.

I found a way, if I will create a readymade translated file in Santali
language, by translating XML files then, when the submission period comes I
will upload the same. As Majority of the translation is not done yet. So,
bulk submission is preferable.

If I'm not mistaken, all the majority strings are present in Commons folder
or if present or I'm missing can I get the link, I'm thinking to translate
these offline on my computer till the survey tool is active and later
upload them:





with regards
Prasanta Hembram
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