Comparison table with pre-CLDR locales

Richard Wordingham via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Sun Jan 28 05:33:08 CST 2018

On Mon, 22 Jan 2018 08:19:09 -0500
Elsebeth Flarup via CLDR-Users <cldr-users at> wrote:

> And definitely some interesting differences between the original,
> surveyed platforms especially in the date format area.

The fading effects of the year 2000 AD may be awkward to track.  In
spell out, the year '2001' was 'two thousand and one' in 2001, but I
believe is now moving back to the more regular 'twenty-oh-one'.
Likewise, dd/mm/yyyy dates (e.g. 28/1/2018) are now moving back to
dd/mm/yy dates (e.g. 28/1/18) when written manually.  And I suspect the
French have now completely dropped the idea that the year date 2018 may
legitimately be written 19118. 


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