adding transforms to collation

Martin Hosken via CLDR-Users cldr-users at
Thu Jan 11 20:51:03 CST 2018

Dear Mark,

> This may just be a case where the UCA doesn't work well enough without
> preprocessing. The standard does allow for such preprocessing, and the
> question is how to allow for that in CLDR data. One way I can think of by
> allowing a transform for text that is applied before sorting to be
> specified in the UCA description. For speed, implementations would probably
> do that in code, but we could have a data representation that could be used
> in a reference implementation.

Which is quicker? To run a transform to reorder stuff or to process a thousand contractions? The reason I ask is that something like this could probably be handled by contractions (I haven't checked), but it would take a lot. Burmese for it's CCVT model (ala Lao) takes around 600.


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