Burmese Rendering (dots and circles)

James Kass jameskass at code2001.com
Thu Sep 1 07:01:00 CDT 2022

Pyidaungsu is a popular Myanmar font which covers the extensions. 
Interestingly, all of the glyphs which could have a center dot or a 
center circle are drawn with a center circle in that font.  This 
suggests that Richard's earlier observation about the users not 
necessarily making a distinction between U+1051 and U+A9FD is valid.

FWIW, Pyidaungsu shows the Medial Wa character as a circle and does not 
support the VIRAMA+WA sequence.

N3043.PDF, however, seems quite clear that the Medial Wa character 
should render differently than the VIRAMA+WA sequence.

"The current sequences (VIRAMA + YA/RA/WA/HA) remain valid sequences but 
for different renderings.  Those renderings do not occur in modern 
Burmese, but they do occur in older orthography, in Pali and Sanskrit.  
Encoding the explicit medials allows for simple representation of both 
kinds of orthography."

There's even a handy chart showing the distinctions.  Unfortunately it's 
quite difficult to tell the difference between VIRAMA+WA and MEDIAL WA 
in that chart without magnification.  With magnification the MEDIAL WA 
is vaguely teardrop shaped.

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