Negative/Negation Sign

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Looks like the real answer (hopefully) would be if we could find out what
U+207B SUPERSCRIPT MINUS was originally added for.

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> On Saturday, 29 October 2022, 15:43:03 (-04:00), Asmus Freytag via Unicode
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> According to
> the "negation" is mapped to U+207B SUPERSCRIPT MINUS in TI Character sets.
> Unless that information is definitely incorrect, this should be the end of
> discussion.
> A./
> I tried to look through the sources for that page but found no definitive
> mapping. The Unicode values seem to have simply been matched by sight by
> the editor. The sources contain only bitmaps of the characters and their
> TI-internal byte values. Just another reminder that Wikipedia is not always
> reliable.
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