Negative/Negation Sign

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Oct 29 12:29:27 CDT 2022

Gabriel Tellez wrote:

> It’s not my personal reform, it was already done by these character
> sets.

"I would love to have a separate Unicode for negative" did make it sound like a personal wish. Other people would have loved to have separate Unicode characters for . as an abbreviation marker, a sentence-ending punctuation mark, and a decimal point.

Do you have any examples of how the TI calculators represent the two discrete symbols when interchanging data with a computer, using TI-GRAPH LINK? Does this interface exchange plain-text data, or is it in a proprietary binary format? Can the two characters leak into the outside world in any other way? Remember the bit about interoperability: with what external systems would this character interoperate?

Otherwise, the solution of U+207B SUPERSCRIPT MINUS seems to fill the need.

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