Glasses emoji

Mark E. Shoulson mark at
Thu Oct 13 18:38:06 CDT 2022

Again, this way lieth madness.  People aren't satisfied with an emoji 
for "female teacher with dark hair"; they want "TALL, THIN, female 
EYEBROW (GOLD RING)."  And if you give in on "welllllll, okay, we'll 
give in on the tall/short...," you're only encouraging them to beg for 
the rest.  ("How about only a _little_ tall?  How about 
broad-shouldered?  small-breasted?")

(Though my opinion isn't actually quite what that sounds like: even I 
admit that there probably *are* things that are appropriate to give in 
on, and I know we all can argue all the day long about them.)


On 10/13/22 09:22, William_J_G Overington via Unicode wrote:
> Thank you for posting about this.
> Could one use variation selectors with this too, so as to have a 
> default style of glasses and various styles of glasses available?
> Or would one need to have separate styles of glasses each encoded 
> separately?
> If both approaches are possible, which one would be better?
> If it is to be encoded, and I hope it will be, it would be good to go 
> for the lot all at once. Lots of styles as glasses are in lots of styles.
> In my opinion it is no use just doing one and leaving the rest for 
> some future time as that is often a recipe for the rest never getting 
> done.
> If the lot is done as one grand forward leap then that is the way to 
> keep Unicode thriving.
> William Overington
> Thursday 13 October 2022

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