Glasses emoji

Marius Spix marius.spix at
Thu Oct 13 08:45:34 CDT 2022

There is already EYEGLASSES U+1F453 in Unicode. Vendors like Apple,
Google, Twitter, Meta etc. should agree to use ZWJ sequences to add
glasses to existing emojis.

Am Thu, 13 Oct 2022 10:40:11 +0200
schrieb Hans Åberg via Unicode <unicode at>:

> For some reason, one cannot add glasses to emoji, even though skin
> color, which a concern of young people, as in the video below. There
> is 🤓 NERD FACE U+1F913, but they do not feel it is a representative
> of all young today. (Not speaking about sunglasses here, as in 😎
> Unicode U+1F60E.)

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