U+2212 Minus Sign in Computer Languages?

Asmus Freytag asmusf at ix.netcom.com
Thu Nov 3 11:54:14 CDT 2022

No program should recognize U+2122 (sic) for negation. However, they 
might accept U+2212...


On 11/2/2022 6:46 PM, Tim Partridge via Unicode wrote:
> According to Wikipedia, APL uses U+2122 for negation and subtraction. 
> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APL_syntax_and_symbols 
> <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/APL_syntax_and_symbols>It references 
> https://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~ljdickey/apl-rep/n1.html 
> <https://www.math.uwaterloo.ca/~ljdickey/apl-rep/n1.html>
> I suspect most programming languages follow the unification of hyphen 
> and minus on typewriter keyboards which led to early character 
> standards doing the same.
> Also number formatting and parsing routines use the dual use character 
> for negative numbers and tend not to recognise U+2122.
>    Tim
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> Is there any computer language that uses U+2212 as minus sign?
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