Lucida Sans Unicode & Hebrew Hyphen Maqaf

Doug Ewell doug at
Sun May 1 12:07:47 CDT 2022

Andreas Prilop wrote:

> I cannot get Hebrew Hyphen Maqaf U+05BE to be displayed in MS Windows
> font Lucida Sans Unicode.
> Sample text:  תל אביב־יפו
> Is this a known issue?
> Background:
>  specifies
> “font-family: Code2000, Arial Unicode MS, Lucida Sans Unicode”.
> MS Windows users with Lucida Sans Unicode (comes with OS) but without
> Code2000 and without Arial Unicode MS installed will not get the
> maqaf.
> You can see this best with menu “Edit > Select all”.

Eli Zaretskii replied:

> On what version of Windows?  I have no problem displaying that
> character with Lucida Sans Unicode on Windows XPSP3, FWIW.

I don't see the maqaf with:

Windows 11 (10.0.22000.652)
Uniscribe 10.0.22000.1
Lucida Sans Unicode 5.01

and I do have both Code2000 and Arial Unicode MS installed.

I do see the maqaf if I artificially add a space (U+0020) after the second bet.

Lucida Sans Unicode version 5.01 is now 29 years old. I think it's unlikely we're going to see this issue addressed.

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