Tengwar on a general purpose translation site

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Tue Mar 15 22:01:22 CDT 2022

Yes, exactly.  An updated proposal for serious consideration, then, 
could only happen after IP issues are resolved (if ever.) At which time 
(if any), fights like combining characters vs ligatures or whatever can 
be gleefully engaged in by enthusiastic proponents.


On 3/15/22 21:35, James Kass via Unicode wrote:
> On 2022-03-15 9:51 PM, Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:
>> Next time the proposal is updated for serious consideration we can 
>> drag this all out. 
> Any updated proposal is rejected in advance due to IP concerns. So why 
> would anyone spend resources updating the proposal?
> When conventional approaches don't get us what we want, we can either 
> try a different approach or give it up and move on.

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