Tengwar on a general purpose translation site

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Mon Mar 14 20:45:28 CDT 2022

I dunno, it gets weird when you consider fonts and glyphs and stuff.  
You can't actually copyright a font, apparently.  And even if you could, 
so Tolkien's tengwar shapes might be protected, but what about Tengwar 
Optime (http://www.peter-wiegel.de/TengwarOptime.html)?  Or Elbic Caslon 
(http://www.peter-wiegel.de/ElbicCaslon.html)?  Could they argue that 
these were derivative works or something?  Probably.  I don't know.  And 
I don't think it matters.  Unicode doesn't encode glyphs anyway.  I 
think quibbling over fonts and glyphs is kind of a red herring to the 
actual problem.


On 3/14/22 21:26, Richard Wordingham via Unicode wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Mar 2022 00:43:13 +0000
> James Kass via Unicode <unicode at corp.unicode.org> wrote:
>> Users who really, really need to see the glyphs can install an
>> appropriate font and fire up Unibook or BabelMap.
> Won't the font be in breach of the alleged copyright?
> I presume the current English Wikipedia page on Tengwar is in breach of
> the alleged copyright.
> Richard.

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