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Mon Mar 14 16:53:37 CDT 2022

Richard Wordingham  wrote:

> What about the copyright in 'Peter Pan' and the King James Bible? 
> (They're still in copyright in the UK.)

Quote  from


> Peter Pan

> In 1929, the author, JM Barrie, gifted the rights to his play, Peter 
> Pan, to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. The copyright 
> in this work expired in 1987, 50 years after his death. However, in 
> 1988 Parliament introduced a perpetual right to royalties for the use 
> of the Peter Pan play, payable to the Great Ormond Street Hospital for 
> Children.

I opine that it would be good if a law were introduced such that the 
copyright owner at the time, of any work of creative writing could, 
before the copyright expired, gift, by a registration process, a 
perpetual right to royalties with the proceeds going to provide 
additional funding for the United Kingdom National Health Service.

William Overington

Monday 14 March 2022

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