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In separate messages, Richard Wordingham wrote:

> Might there be a copyright protection on 20th century additions to the
> Cyrillic script that prohibits their use to bring the Russian
> government into disrepute?

That depends on what the attorneys retained by the Estate of the Preslav Literary School have to say about it.

I guess this was a facetious question, but other than making a comment about current events, I'm not sure what purpose it serves with relation to Tolkien’s scripts.

> For example, are the tehtar compulsorily ligated letters (2001
> proposal) or combining marks (earlier, apparent encoding in the CSUR).
> The CSUR appears to lack an encoding for Tengwar - it has a
> provisional encoding, which is no better than a font-encoding.

The section “Modes” in the CSUR proposal is instructive here; it reconciles the fact that the tehtar are non-spacing characters with the dotted-line glyphs in the chart.

The Tengwar proposal, like many CSUR proposals (but unlike most “real” Unicode proposals in recent years), lacks a list of Unicode properties in UnicodeData.txt format. But in general, the distinction between an “encoding” and a “provisional encoding” seems overly pedantic for CSUR, which was always a fun, part-time project, and on which most work ended almost 20 years ago.

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