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Fri Mar 11 00:44:22 CST 2022

 > https://www.tolkienestate.com/frequently-asked-questions-and-links/

Wow, these people need to relax. I understand they don't want to lose some revenue sources, but this is too much.
You can't name a park after Tolkien, really? 

Fan Fiction

The Tolkien Estate has a duty to protect the integrity of Tolkien’s original writings and artworks and takes copyright very seriously. This means that you cannot copy any part of Tolkien’s writings or images, nor can you create materials which refer to the characters, stories, places, events or other elements contained in any of Tolkien’s works.

"has a duty" - such a bullshit, it's all about money.
I wonder what Tolkien himself would think about this.

This is a good example of intellectual property rights stifling innovation.

(and why the fuck they disabled text copying on their site? too much)  
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