Tengwar on a general purpose translation site

Mark E. Shoulson mark at kli.org
Thu Mar 10 17:32:33 CST 2022

On 3/9/22 23:22, Steve Downey via Unicode wrote:
> My impression over the years, or decades, is that no one wants to get 
> into potentially expensive IP litigation. There are sound arguments 
> that ConLang scripts don't have trademark or copyright protections 
> that ought to prevent them being standardized. However, without an 
> excellent defense team, there is the risk of a ruling going the other 
> way, causing trouble for everyone everywhere for a long time.

Basically.  No matter how good your defense is, in a case like this just 
having the suit brought against you is enough to count as defeat (unless 
you can prove the suit frivolous, which is not that easy to do.)


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