Different Bidirectional Character Types

r12a ishida at w3.org
Wed Jul 13 09:51:29 CDT 2022

Asmus Freytag wrote on 13/07/2022 15:43:
> On 7/13/2022 2:58 AM, r12a wrote:
>> The approach differs not only by script and which digits are used, 
>> but also by language. Arabic and Persian both use the Arabic script, 
>> but do things differently when it comes to ordering components of a 
>> range or expression.
> Isn't that difference handled by having two different sets of digits? 
> As opposed to relying on a language tag.

See the cases in figs. 3 and 4 at 
https://r12a.github.io/scripts/arabic/arb.html#expressions.  Same 
digits, different expectations about directionality.

I wasn't talking about language tags or behaviour arising from character 
properties (indeed the language tag doesn't make a difference) – i was 
talking about the user expectations differing from language to language 
about the order in which digits appear in the text.


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