Wrong sequence for Arabic ligature marks(FC5E-FC62, FCF2-FCF4)

Andreas Prilop aprilop at freenet.de
Sat Feb 19 11:38:11 CST 2022

On 19 February 2022 13:52:37 CET, Richard Wordingham wrote:

> This sequence is <U+644, U+651, U+650 KASRA>, which is not canonically
> normalised. Using the Naskh font Amiri, kasra is by default placed below
> lam. However, if I enable OpenType feature ss05, which for this font is
> described (unless the labels have been scrambled) as "Kasra is placed
> below Shadda instead of base glyph", the kasra is indeed placed
> immediately below the shadda. Unicode allows both renderings.
> I'm not sure that Unicode provides any plain text mechanism to
> distinguish the two renderings.

Write ZWNJ between shadda and kasra.


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