Public review issues: work on source code security

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Mon Dec 5 12:46:22 CST 2022

As work progresses on the next version of Unicode, it's typical that around this time we start seeing proposed updates for various Unicode Standard Annexes (UAXes) or Unicode Technical Standards (UTSes) that are released in sync with the new Unicode version. This cycle is no different: check out the Public Review Issues page for 11 PRIs that have recently been posted.

The closing dates for these PRIs is January 3.

(Btw, you can also see the timeline for upcoming alpha and beta reviews for the next version on the Beta Review Status page:

I want to draw particular attention to the PRIs for various docs that are being worked on in relation to source code security. The main doc is a new specification, UTS #55, Unicode Source Code Handling. Please check out PRI #466:

There are also proposed updates related to this for these other UAXes / UTSes:

  *   UAX #9, Unicode Bidirectional Algorithm: see PRI #460 (
  *   UAX #14, Unicode Line Breaking Algorithm: see PRI #461 (
  *   UAX #31, Unicode Identifiers and Syntax: see PRI #462 (
  *   UTS #39, Unicode Security Mechanisms: see PRI #463 (

There will also be a PRI coming soon for a related small change in UTS #51, Unicode Emoji.

We welcome review and feedback - please submit feedback by January 3. (That's needed so that working groups have time to prepare recommended changes for the next UTC meeting.)

Peter Constable, UTC Chair
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