bold, italic, underline at once

Sławomir Osipiuk sosipiuk at
Mon Aug 29 11:36:50 CDT 2022

Technically, Unicode does NOT do bold and italic. Any bold or italic 
characters you find are encoded separately for mathematical use, where they 
can represent a different variable in a formula than their corresponding 
"plain" character, for example. The same applies to "double-struck" and 
similar characters.

Using these characters to make "fancy text" is technically a misuse, though 
no one will punish you for doing it. If you want more such characters, 
you're likely out of luck.

Applying formatting to regular text is outside the scope of Unicode. There 
are many standards for doing this. You can use HTML, Markdown, BBcode, 
ISO6429 escape sequences, RTF, various Office formats, and many many 
others. However, your software must support them. You do not get this "for 
free" with Unicode.

On Monday, 29 August 2022, 08:50:53 (-04:00), David Chmelik via Unicode 

 > I know unicode does bold, italic, underline, but does it do them all at
 > once?

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