bold, italic, underline at once

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I'm not sure if I understand the question.

Denoting and styling ranges of emphasis is not governed by Unicode 
itself, being a matter of higher-level protocols including but not 
limited to HTML/CSS, RTF, ECMA-48, IPTC 7901 and the myriad dialects of 
Markdown and Wikitext.

In some contexts, stylised forms of a letter (e.g. blackletter) might be 
given a special meaning in a particular context; some such forms are 
included in Unicode in the Letterlike Symbols and Mathematical 
Alphanumeric Symbols blocks, and some (including blackletter) have HTML5 
entities inherited from ISO 9573-13.  Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols 
likewise includes e.g. bold serif, italic serif and bold italic serif 
forms of the Basic Latin alphabet letters.  While there might be a 
tendency in the wild to use these to stylise text where markup is 
unavailable, this is not really orthopraxic and (in more pragmatic 
terms) tends to be poorly supported by older devices and also assistive 
technology (although since they compatibility-decompose to the ASCII 
letters, it is theoretically /possible/ for assistive technology to 
support this, which cannot be said of some other novelty stylisations 
with lookalike characters).

The underlining is available as a combining character (U+0332).  This is 
essentially a nonspacing version of the ASCII underscore, and can be 
applied if an underlined version of a symbol distinct from the plain 
symbol is needed for some purpose. Underlining an entire block of text 
that way is likely to have subpar results, and should generally be done 
with higher level markup instead.  And yes, this can be applied to 
Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols characters if (say) a bold underlined 
sans-serif R is being used as a particular symbol for something, i.e. 𝙍̲.

David Chmelik via Unicode wrote:
> I know unicode does bold, italic, underline, but does it do them all at
> once?

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