Western symbols? Large symbol site? Superscripts?

dchmelik at gmail.com dchmelik at gmail.com
Sun Aug 14 05:20:37 CDT 2022

Unicode has large number Eastern 
philosophical/metaphysical/spiritual/religious symbols including scant 
far Eastern ones but huge number of crosses (stemming from near East, 
not strictly Western).
         There are fewer well-recognizable true Western/European 
(pagan/heathen) ones: it's nice there's sun/monad (though I don't count 
astrological symbols, some divinities but also pseudoscience), and nice 
there's owl, snake, bee, spear, caduceus, thunderbolts, eagle, ankh, 
pentagram except circled (I recall one can place circle over like on 
reverse C before copyleft, but usually a mess... never works well for 
me)... of course most those are obscure and some may only be emojis...
         Much from SymbolDictionary.net (and similar) should be unicode 
(some won't fit except if emojis are large.  Maybe down/shut): 
.  There should arguably be flaming torch, perhaps Aegis/Medusa, likely 
lyre, and (I forgot stuff from this set but) hammer--not just obvious 
Thor's but Hephaestus/Vulcan's, and Slavic Hands of God ( 
), Awen ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awen 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Awen> , don't know which version, but 
USA-approved for veterans' headstones), perhaps cauldron, probably all 
Valknuts ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valknut 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valknut> ).  Sun & Pythagorean monad may 
have variations but there should arguably be Pythagorean duad, triad, 
tetrad, pentad, hexad, heptad, octad, nonad, tetractys, though some 
variants get big, but at least tetractys: 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetractys> .  One pentad variant is simply 
circled pentagram (used by some Hellenists and a large number of Celtic 
& other pagans, and others including in West Asia, and USA-approved for 
veterans' headstones, as are some others).

         I have a few old books like SymbolDictionary.net but there 
is/was also an obscure better website (since 1990s or '0s) which had 
(tens of?) thousands symbols including virtually all 
philosophical/spiritual/religious and even more others... does anyone 
know it?  I viewed it before ever heard of unicode but thought since 
similarly large number of symbols unicode people might know.  There may 
be a couple similar sites, one which is easier to find but newer (and 
far fewer symbols and more difficult to navigate).

         Of course, I don't expect (m)any of these may appear anytime 
soon or for years: just suggestions.  What I consider a bit more 
important is full Greek superscripts or /at least/ pi (π), used in the 
most important mathematical equation, eⁱˣ=cos x+i sin x: eⁱ^π +1=0.  I 
mentioned that a couple times explaining oldest but still widely-used 
Internet areas (NNTP/Usenet (apart from perhaps Google Groups posting 
HTML) and Internet Relay Chat (IRC)) are plaintext... IRC isn't changing 
because also command-line, and within last year there have still been 
IRC science/mathematics chat rooms with maybe 1,000+ people... no one 
wants to put 'p' for 'π'. Seems most unicode discussers never think in 
terms of command-line & pre-World_Wide_Web (WWW) protocols--only GUI 
desktop personal computer (PC) and WWW--some missed/ignored my argument 
and stated 'any maths discussion area has "rich" text' (incorrect): 
please try to think outside one's main PC context/paradigm and consider 
plaintext/command-line scientists/technicians (surely some work(ed) on 
unicode).  It took many years suggestions to get copyleft, so unlikely 
any better case with 'π' (but for advanced maths, apparently every Greek 
letter is used both superscript & subscript, and in 1800s Hebrew was 
added, but uncommonly superscript & subscript so am not asking for Hebrew).

         Glad to see more far Eastern symbol proposals, which should 
come first but in relation: an Eurasian Tengrii symbol or a few would 
eventually be nice (obscure so won't yet post Tengri crescent, yurt 
top... another--Tengri shield--is similar to a native American symbol, 
whose symbols should be considered (not meaning just USA but The 
Americas, North & South)).  All I do is suggest; others also suggested 
copyleft and someone finally proposed & added... unlikely we'll get '^π 
' soon but maybe someone/anyone likes spiritual symbols?

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