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Thank you for being willing to assess my suggestion.

There can be added in the seven Unicode coloured squares U+1F7E5 through 
to U+1F7EB, each in a sequence with a U+FE0C VARIATION SELECTOR-13.

It may well be that it is desirable for the black square and the white 
square used to be changed to U+2B1B and U+2B1C respectively, each in a 
sequence with a U+FE0C VARIATION SELECTOR-13.

I am also adding in four characters, each in a sequence with a U+FE0C 
VARIATION SELECTOR-13, so as to include metallic effects in the graphic 
display while also having in a default display an indication of metallic 
effects even though their default display is not metallic.

U+25F0 U+FE0C gold
U+25F3 U+FE0C silver
U+25F1 U+FE0C bronze
U+25F2 U+FE0C copper

Please note that the listing order is not the same as in the Unicode 
code chart. This is deliberate so that the quadrant order in English 
book reading order is in the value order of the metals.

I feel that it is important to find a good balance of what can be done 
balanced with keeping the format as lightweight as possible, easy to 
typeset and with a graceful fallback for systems that do not support the 

Within that constraint I think that I can include some animation 
possibility as well.

Also a way to produce barcodes and QR codes effectively, by having a way 
to signal, before any pixels are specified in a graphic, to use, for the 
whole graphic, pixel chunks 1 pixel wide by many pixels tall, or by 
using pixel chunks that are 2 pixels by 2 pixels, or by using pixel 
chunks that are 4 pixels by 4 pixels.

William Overington

Saturday 6 August 2022

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Will have to look more closely at this, but it sounds to me like we 
already have that, at least twice:
There are terminal emulators that support these.

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