Non-egalitarian treatment of mathematical operators (was Re: Basic Latin digits, not everything else (was: RE: How the C programming language bridges the man-machine gap)

Kent Karlsson kent.b.karlsson at
Wed Apr 20 12:48:49 CDT 2022

> In math, it is common that the symbols vary. For example, in logic, one might use for conjunction 𝑨 ∧ 𝑩 or 𝑨 & 𝑩, or implication
> 𝑨 ⇒ 𝑩, 𝑨 → 𝑩, or 𝑨 ⊃ 𝑩. If defines the logic using a specific set of symbols, it is also valid for other such sets.

That is fine. But… 

The symbol ⊃ is ”bidi mirrored”:

2283;SUPERSET OF;Sm;0;ON;;;;;Y;;;;;

and has an entry in BidiMirroring.txt:

2283; 2282 # SUPERSET OF

But neither ⇒ nor → are bidi mirrored, just because they are ”arrows”.

/Kent K

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