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There are many problems that having a standard would resolve. Simply stating an incomplete idea and then expecting Unicode Consortium or any other standards body to implement it is an arrogant and unreasonable proposition.


To become a standard the idea has to have support from many communities, and it has to be a fit for the organization’s responsibilities.

It isn’t clear the grid idea meets the needs of password entry, and isn’t specified in detail.

It isn’t clear emoji are needed or optimal for this purpose, compared to just using shapes (triangle up, triangle down, etc.) or for that matter that any images are needed, since it could be select row3 column 4.

Ultimately, the password this generates does not need Unicode since the output reduces to a series of  row and column pairs. (Which is why this is just an interface.)


So if you think this should be a standard, establish the requirements for password entry, show that the proposal satisfies the requirements, find communities that agree and support the idea, and find a standards body that will make it a standard.

You might try NIST for example as a standards body that might support a solution.

You have not acknowledged the requirements for password entry (see the NIST document).








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Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:

> That's not a format, it's a user interface ("the user is presented...") 

Fine, it can be described as a user interface. Better still, as a script-independent and language-independent user interface.

> Unicode doesn't standardize user interfaces.

I don't know, as I am no expert on categorizing all of the standardization content that Unicode Inc. has published, nor am I am aware of any policies that may exist that would prevent Unicode Inc. choosing sixty-four emoji to populate an 8 by 8 grid of emoji and Unicode Inc. publishing it is some form.

> Restricting the permissible alphabet to emoji is just about as bad/annoying (for many users) as restricting it to ASCII or Cyrillic or whatever, except that it's more evenly hard on everyone.

Quite possibly it would be, yet that is not what I am suggesting.

I am suggesting an additional facility that could be a very useful facility to have available for use in some circumstances. There is absolutely nothing in my suggestion that would restrict other user interface systems for passwords from being used. Indeed, on a tablet computer end users could be presented with a choice of how to enter a password, with two or more choices presented each in its own tile, with the tiles presented side by side so that the end user can choose which one to use to set up and use a password.

Certainly any individual or organization could choose to select sixty-four emoji to populate an 8 by 8 grid of emoji and publish it, make it open source in a document, or even produce it as a pop art style poster. The poster might end up as an exhibit at MoMA in New York as an example of emoji being applied for a practical purpose.

However, for the particular layout to become used in practice by lots of independent app producers, the particular layout needs to have the provenance of being published by a widely-respected standardization body.

So I am hoping that Unicode Inc. will take up this idea and publish a particular layout of emoji and some notes about how to use it, doing that either within one of the existing projects or as a stand-alone project as Unicode Inc. decides.

William Overington

Saturday 9 April 2022


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