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Consider U+23BE: it is labelled as "Dentistry Symbol Light Vertical and

Now, I have no idea what these are about; but it is clear that the mystery
of the dentistry symbols is not about APL.

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> the symbols in your message are all APL symbols,
> not dentistry symbols at all
> /phil
> On Friday, 8 April 2022, 19:39:06 UTC, Jonathan Chan via Unicode <
> unicode at> wrote:
> What are code points U+23BE..U+23CC in Miscellaneous Technical used for?
> ⎾⎿⏀⏁⏂⏃⏄⏅⏆⏇⏈⏉⏊⏋⏌
> They're all named DENTISTRY SYMBOL LIGHT..., and the Standard only says
> they're for dental notation:
> *Dental Symbols.* The set of symbols from U+23BE to U+23CC form a set of
> symbols from JIS X 0213 for use in dental notation.
> According to Wikipedia the first two and the last two are used in Palmer
> notation <>, but it doesn't
> explain what the rest of them are used for. The only historical document I
> could find with some sort of explanation is document N2195
> <>, but it only explains
> how they're used and not what they're meant to represent, why they need to
> exist, or what the circle, triangle, and tilde mean. Based on some cursory
> searching it doesn't seem like those symbols are standard in modern dental
> notation either.
> Jonathan
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