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Fri Apr 8 05:48:58 CDT 2022

Tex wrote:

> Also, there are some apps that are serving users that are not computer 
> literate. They may be handed a tablet to enter information or similar 
> scenarios.

There could be a password input format that is both script-independent 
and language-independent and platform-independent where the end user is 
presented with a display of a, say, 8 by 8 grid of emoji and the end 
user needs to have a password by clicking on of at least eight of them 
in a sequence, with the only restriction being that no emoji shall be 
used twice in immediate succession, this to avoid accidental double 
clicking causing problems.

The emoji chosen to be used in the format would need to be chosen 
carefully so as to be clearly distinct from each other whether the 
display is in colour or in monochrome and taking account of colour 
vision issues (so not both RED APPLE and GREEN APPLE), non-violent, 
respectful to cultures and religions, and so that the format could be 
used both in left to right situations and in right to left situations 
without ambiguity if characters are mirrored horizontally.

If the format were published by Unicode Inc. it could become widely used 
around the world in some situations.

William Overington

Friday 8 April 2022

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