Klingon and literature

William_J_G Overington wjgo_10009 at btinternet.com
Mon Sep 20 15:45:20 CDT 2021

I have noted it claimed that Klingon is now a language and has its own 
original literature and is worth encoding in Unicode.

I have found Klingon poetry on the web.

Would it help the case to be made if there were presented examples, with 
translations to English, of Klingon poetry?

I know that poetry does not need to rhyme, but much poetry does rhyme.

So does Klingon poetry have rhymes?

What words rhyme in Klingon that give an insight in a poem that is not 
apparent in translations of the poem to other languages?

To explain what I am trying to express, here are some lines from a song 
in Esperanto that I wrote in 1998.

Kiam neĝas se vi imagas
la branĉkornojn de boaco
Se vi dolĉe respektas
la vivon de erinaco

Please note how boaco rhymes with erinaco.

The word boaco translates to English as reindeer.

The word erinaco translates to English as hedgehog

So there is an effect in the Esperanto original that is not there in the 
English translation, an effect that just would never have originated 
when writing rhyming lines in English.

So can any such effect be shown in Klingon poetry with words that rhyme 
in Klingon yet do not rhyme in English?

If I were on the Unicode Technical Committee that would impress me - but 
I am not going to be on that committee - yet maybe it would help the 
case for encoding Klingon anyway.

William Overington

Monday 20 September 2021

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