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Thu Sep 16 00:13:11 CDT 2021

The code block Diggbats (U+2700 to U+27BF) encodes characters which were once IP of Hermann Zapf, but because they are mostly simple geometric shapes like stars or minimal drawings of office items like scissors and pencils they lack a 
threshold of originality. As it also seems that there are at least three completely different Klingon scripts in use als seen here [1] and there actually is a diaspora speaking and writing Klingon, a standardization by adding that script to Unicode makes totally sense. Other synthetic languages like Volapük also have their own Unicode characters as well (U+A79A to U+A79F). 


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> Mark Davis wrote:
> > And those are still a barrier: there is no point in even starting to 
> > consider the Klingon script unless and until the IP problem is 
> > completely resolved.
> Yet if Unicode Inc. were to do most of the necessary work first and then 
> write to the Intellectual Property Rights owners stating that Unicode 
> Inc. would like to encode the Klingon glyphs into Unicode, and would do 
> so if the Intellectual Property Rights issues could be resolved, and 
> including a detailed draft of what this encoding would involve, then 
> maybe that would lead to progress.
> William

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