Difference between Klingon and Tengwar

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Wed Sep 15 20:38:56 CDT 2021

On Wed, Sep 15, 2021 at 4:24 PM Mark Davis ☕️ via Unicode
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> And those are still a barrier: there is no point in even starting to consider the Klingon script unless and until the IP problem is completely resolved.

No point from whose perspective? Paramount may as well reasonably say
that there is no point in even discussing the IP issues until they can
examine the final product. It seems unlikely that Unicode is going to
bend so far as to produce the text that's going in Chapter 20 about
Klingon, but you're asking a lot of Paramount and KLI to get an IP
agreement without it being clear that it's reasonably certain Unicode
is going for with it. Even at that, what's the IP problem? Nobody is
going to be happy if KLI spends weeks trying to work with Paramount's
lawyers and they solve the IP problem and then Unicode rejects the

>From my perspective, this demand is tantamount to a rejection. If
Klingon is going to be encoded in Unicode, the Unicode Consortium
should give at least a squishy approval of the script sans IP problems
and clear statement of what the Consortium needs out of Paramount.

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