Gap at U+2FE0

Doug Ewell doug at
Sat Oct 23 14:46:01 CDT 2021

Michel Mariani wrote:

> BTW, the existence of this still empty "modest" block of sixteen
> characters would have been a good opportunity to efficiently encode a
> set of CJK-specific variation selectors which could have been used to
> represent region-specific CJK character glyphs, inspired by the the
> clever (unofficial) scheme proposed in the
>, which IMHO
> would be far more acceptable if the specific variation selectors were
> all as short as possible. After all, one of the original aims of Han
> Unification was the possibility to "pack" all CJK characters in 16
> bits...

What is the intended use case for variation selectors to represent region-specific CJK character glyphs?

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