[OT] Ewellic (was: RE: Encoding ConScripts)

Doug Ewell doug at ewellic.org
Wed Oct 13 18:32:37 CDT 2021

James Kass wrote:

> Fairfax HD covers Ewellic and so do a couple of my fonts.  Part of the
> mystique of PUA is downloading and installing appropriate fonts.

Here's the list of fonts I have that support it; there may be others out there which I don't have:

>From James:
• Code2000
• Code2001

>From Rebecca:
• Constructium
• Fairfax HD (but not Fairfax SM HD, which doesn't support U+0301 COMBINING ACUTE ACCENT)

Commissioned from Michael Everson, but not yet released due to my own neglect over many years:
• Everewellic

• Nishiki-teki
• unscii (doesn't display the accent correctly, plus has really ugly glyphs)

All of these except Everewellic can be found with a quick web search. Beware of unauthorized clones of James's fonts.

Andrew West's wonderful BabelPad editor will mix and match the fonts on one's Windows system or allow one to pick a single font, to provide optimum coverage of the code space (including PUAs). It also allows one to add one or more fonts for just that editing session, without actually installing them.


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