Encoding ConScripts

James Kass jameskass at code2001.com
Mon Oct 11 09:41:05 CDT 2021

I don't think that PUA use should be a required metric for a proposed 
neography, but that it's existence would improve a proposal's chances.

The best way to exchange non-standard text as bytes is to use the PUA.

PUA interchange demonstrates use, and use is a factor.  Enhancing a 
proposal's exhibits with screen-shots of web pages, especially something 
like a chat room or message board, also demonstrates use.

These exhibits would make a proposal more robust, which means that a 
different script proposal lacking PUA interchange exhibits might be less 
robust.  Not having PUA interchange also means that they wouldn't be 
having any chat rooms in their own script, either, pending encoding and 
system support.

Users will weigh the pros and cons of PUA and make their own 
decisions.   Informed decisions are the best kind, so it might be 
desirable for Unicode to provide some guidance/education about PUA pros 
and cons specifically for neographic issues.

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