Arabic for South Sudan languages

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Sun Oct 10 23:15:47 CDT 2021

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> On Sun, Oct 10, 2021 at 2:46 PM James Kass via Unicode
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>> Has any effort been made to compare these orthographies with the current
>> state of Unicode Arabic?
> My friend in South Sudan hasn't. I searched the Unicode code charts
> for mention of the major African languages in the area, to no avail.
> It's possible they're included under Extended vowel signs for African
> languages, 0BF4-0BFD.

Such additions to Arabic are neography-adjacent IMHO. We would need examples of attested usage. 

But, I denounce the encoding in the Unicode standard of any new sign that results from coercive practices. I want to see *natural* support and usage. Not people being forced to use new signs. Disgusting. Just because a particular political group took over some area, does not compel Unicode to accept their coercion.

Do I need a new metric for neographic signs: number of people murdered for institutional change? 

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