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James Kass jameskass at code2001.com
Thu Oct 7 20:15:25 CDT 2021

On 2021-10-07 10:27 PM, Rebecca Bettencourt via Unicode wrote:
> To a certain extent. For example, it works in Firefox, but not Chrome.
> Ironic given Mozilla's strong opposition to the proposal.
> [image: Screen Shot 2021-10-07 at 2.48.05 PM.png]
> But even if it works insofar as it displays the right glyph, I've seen some
> applications behave suboptimally when you go to select it, allowing the
> selection of individual tag characters, either as equal-width vertical
> slices of the glyph or a bunch of zero-width characters following it.
It works fine in LibreOffice running on Win 7, even for copy/paste of 
the strings.  I could not make it work in Chrome or BabelPad on Win 7.  
It's possible that it would work in BabelPad and Chrome under newer 
versions of Windows.  I suspect that lack of correct display is caused 
by obsolete font engines.

If anyone else would like to check it out, here's a link to the Fairfax 
HD page:
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