Is there an emoji for Thank you

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That's a bit unfair Mark. Someone can want to represent an idea (be it an object, emotion, action, or other concept) and not have the visual or artistic skills to know how to depict it, or simply not know the best way to do so, given many options being considered. People should be able to ask a question without there being an implication if you have to ask there is no answer.

And pictures often represent more than a static view of an object. The choice of the view and the context in the image can indicate action or other states.
There are many photographic images that communicate sadness, loneliness or a host of other emotions without showing facial expressions at all.


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Emoji are pictures of things.  To the extent they convey emotions, it's 
because they're pictures of things (facial expressions) which we 
associate with emotions.

If you can't say what it would look like, that almost definitionally 
excludes it from being a emoji, a picture of a thing, doesn't it?


On 10/5/21 2:51 PM, William_J_G Overington via Unicode wrote:
> Is there an emoji for
> Thank you
> ?
> If not, could there be, should there be?
> What would it look like?
> William Overington
> Tuesday 5 October 2021

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