New CJK characters

Fuqiao Xue at
Fri Nov 5 20:43:59 CDT 2021

Hi Martin,

2021年11月6日(土) 8:35 Martin J. Dürst via Unicode <unicode at>:
> On 2021-11-05 22:14, Phake Nick via Unicode wrote:
> > Recently I have came across some proposed solutions to develop CJK fonts
> > for array of characters by using deep learning to put radicals together
> > with different components of different characters nocely according to their
> > proportion through machine learning, that's also something we didn't have
> > back in the pre-Unicode era.
> I would be very interested in any pointers, either on or off list.

Although Phake may not be talking about this project, here is a
project that uses a neural network to create Chinese fonts, and it has
sparked a lot of discussions:


> Regards,   Martin.

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