New CJK characters

Phake Nick c933103 at
Fri Nov 5 08:14:15 CDT 2021

I have briefly mentioned the issue, in my previous mail to the mailing
list, which I jave received some reply that worth consideration and still
haven't get around writing reply to those mails I rsceoved, but yes such
sort of character encoding system have been conceptualized since the 20th
century before wide adaption of Unicode, and due to the current encoding
system being too convenient people just opt to use this instead of any
other possibly incrementally better but would be incompatible with existing

Recently I have came across some proposed solutions to develop CJK fonts
for array of characters by using deep learning to put radicals together
with different components of different characters nocely according to their
proportion through machine learning, that's also something we didn't have
back in the pre-Unicode era.
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