New CJK characters

James Kass jameskass at
Wed Nov 3 16:59:57 CDT 2021

On 2021-11-03 9:22 PM, Mark E. Shoulson via Unicode wrote:
> There's frequently more than one way to slice a character up.  Should 
> *all* be supported?  Should there be some way to decide the 
> "canonical" decomposition?

Take U+68DA "棚", which can be given IDS of "⿰木朋" or "⿰木⿰月月". 
Entering either into the Zi tool gets the character.  Entering the 
latter results in the tool showing a "normalized IDS" which is the 
former.  It appears that the tool is, of necessity, performing its own 
"roll up" of the sequences in order to perform look-ups.

Then there's unification issues.  For example, this recently added 
Extension G character:
U+31310    𱌐    ^⿰鼠𠔥$(G)    ^⿺鼠𠔥$(Z)
...the tool generates fine ideographs for both IDS.  But only the first 
IDS is being recognized by the tool as a valid Unicode character.

Then there's regional preferences of component glyph shapes to consider, 
and I don't know how or if that would be addressed.

IDS are useful for expressing unencoded ideographs in plain-text, not 
only for those rare older characters, but also for newly invented ones.

(Sorry for my earlier misperception about the identity of the tool's 

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