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Wed Mar 24 04:38:16 CDT 2021

Am 21.03.21 um 13:18 schrieb Christoph Päper via Unicode:
>> Martin J. Dürst via Unicode <unicode at>:
>> Interesting idea to use the <rp> (Ruby parenthesis) element. But I'm sure there's a better (semantically more appropriate) way to use markup (+maybe styling) to hide the "^" but let it appear when in plain text.
> I don’t think there’s one in HTML
> Following the precedence set by U+2064 Invisible Plus (e.g. between integer and vulgar fraction) and U+2062 Invisible Times (e.g. between letter constants or variables), Unicode could add X+2065 Invisible Exponentiation (or Invisible Opening Parenthesis and Invisible Closing Parenthesis).
Yes, I think adding an "Invisible Exponent" character to Unicode would
really help solving this semantic distinction problem in plain text.

                                          Dominikus Dittes Scherkl

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