UNIHAN update?

James Kass jameskasskrv at gmail.com
Sun Mar 21 00:15:17 CDT 2021

On 2021-03-21 3:42 AM, Markus Scherer via Unicode wrote:
> The "latest" is for the latest released version of Unicode, which is
> version 13.
> This fall, Unicode 14 will be published. The "alpha" data files for that
> are here:https://www.unicode.org/Public/14.0.0/ucd/

Thank you.

CJK Extension G became official with Unicode 13.0.

The file "Unihan_RadicalStrokeCounts.txt" contained in UNIHAN.ZIP 
(Unihan-14.0.0d3.zip) just downloaded from the 14.0.0 link is also not 
updated.  There's practically no data for Extension E or Extension F and 
nothing at all for Plane 3 (Ext G).

But it does appear that the updated information I seek is in the 14.0.0 
file "Unihan_IRGSources.txt".

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