Confusables.txt might be too sensitive

Doug Ewell doug at
Mon Jun 7 14:41:15 CDT 2021

Upon reading the MetaMask PRs and problem statement more closely, it seems they were mainly focused on mixed-script spoofing (e.g. using Greek 'ο' or Cyrillic 'о' in place of Latin 'o') and randomly inserted, invisible control characters like ZWNJ.

The author of the original PR (9129, not 9187) seemed to understand the underlying problem, and even suggested an existing library, but instead of using this presumably nuanced and tested solution, someone else applied the confusables.txt sledgehammer. That contributor even commented that his solution "might even be a little too strict because it warns on 'math.eth' being so similar to 'rnath.eth'," but nobody else complained, and so here we are.

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