Confusables.txt might be too sensitive

Mark Dawson mark at
Sun Jun 6 22:48:22 CDT 2021

Dear Unicode Mailing List,

I am a user of the metamask <> browser extension (which
is a cryptocurrency wallet). My name always gets flagged as a potential
scam simply because it contains the small Latin letter "m" (codepoint 006D).
Someone contributing to the metamask project had the idea
<> to give a
warning message if someone is using a name that might contain suspicious
characters. Seems like a good idea to me.

The contributor decided to use TR39's confusable.txt
file to flag suspicious characters. On line 3344 of the confusables.txt, it
lists the small Latin letter "m" (codepoint 006D) as a source character for
a confusable. Is this intentional?

No other small Latin letter is flagged as a confusable. (Not even the
letter "o"). Would Unicode consider removing the small Latin letter "m" as
a source on the confusable.txt?



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Mark Dawson
mark at
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