superscript π?

David Chmelik dchmelik at
Sat Jul 31 20:38:42 CDT 2021

There are several other Greek superscripts, so I'm again requesting a 
superscript π (pi, Greek letter p.)  It's part of a key instance of the 
most important mathematical equation (eⁱˣ=cos x+i sin x) the instance 
being (with p for π here) eⁱᵖ+1=0.  The previous argument that 
mathematics discussion should be in complex document formatted text 
(TeX, etc.) is false.  There has always been, and still is, mathematics 
discussion in plain-text only, such as on NNTP/Usenet (and Gmane) and 
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) some of which still have very large science 
discussion areas.  You should probably even have complete English and 
Greek superscripts & subscripts.  That doesn't mean it's necessary to 
have further levels of superscripts and subscripts because in such 
less-common cases there is notation for that.  In the more common cases 
of just one level, scientists are tired of having to use other notation.

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